Why there is white/blank space instead of AdSense ad on my website?


Why there is white/blank space instead of AdSense ad on my website?

Reason #1: The ad unit has been just created or changed

Newly created ad creatives don’t start showing instantly: let it to be at least 10 mins (I would do 30 mins to be safe) since creation of the code in your adSense account before checking if it appears on the website. By the way this issue is also related to making changes to ads – like changing font and color settings: they aren’t instant either.

Reason #2: There are more ad units on the page than it is allowed by AdSense

In this case you will probably see first ads in proper way, but all ad units above the limit will show up as blank blocks. Amount of allowed ad units per page may differ depends of what type of product you are using, more information in this regard may be found in “Product-Specific Policies” section of adsensen program policy 

Reason #3: Browser you are using has JS turned off

AdSense ads require support of JavaScript to work properly. And I understand this reason might sound “stupid” for some ppl, however it happens: you maybe wanted to see how your page (or any other page you were browsing before) looks like when JS is turned off and then simply forgot to turn it back on. So check whatever your browser has JS turned on, when you see blank blocks instead of the AdSense ads and turn it on (in case it was turned off) to fix the issue.

Reason #4: Using Ad Blocker?

Ad blocking software is used to remove ad content for you from the pages you are visiting with your browser.
Such software can be installed:
  • directly on your computer;
  • on a proxy server configured in your browser settings;
  • in some rare cases your ISP can forward all the traffic to go through a proxy configured in such way.
The possible purposes to block ads could be:
  • increase a speed of page loading: pages without additional banner pictures are faster; it makes sense to use ads blocking proxy to speed your Internet up if you are connected using a slow cell-phone connection;
  • to use less traffic (it makes sense to browse pages using an ads blocking proxy if you pay for traffic);
  • some ppl just hate looking at ads, I can understand this purpose too
To make sure that this is not our reason for white/blank Adsense ads:
  • check and make sure that you do NOT have any ads blocking software running (careful, in some cases it can be a part or special settings of antivirus/malware packages);
  • check if you use any proxy… and if you are not sure about this proxy settings, try to disable that proxy.

Reason #5: The ad size is bigger than the place allocated for it by the surrounding content

If you are trying to fit an ad into space which is smaller than the ad unit itself the ad won’t show up. If you are doing it un-intentionally: check the size (height and width), margins and paddings of the block of space you are trying to fit the ad unit in, make sure the space is enough to display the whole ad. Check block sizes in various browsers: different browsers may render HTML/CSS differently and that could lead to the situation when in some browsers ad shows and in other you see a blank space instead.

Reason #6: Google can’t find a relevant ad for the page content

Rarely but that happens: it can be you page are soo unique so none of the advertisers purchased keywords associated with it. However much more often happening issues is that your page lacks content so google can’t find ads suitable for it. That is one of the most cases for pages with media content: images, videos, flash; but without good text support. My advice here would be to accompany your media with rich text descriptions, titles, alt tags and links: all those will help google to pick good relevant ads.

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