what are off page SEO

While looking for ways of successful SEO marketing, I surveyed more than 100 startup bloggers who had little exposure to programming or site optimization. I did it deliberately in order to reach the precise evaluation of the impact of off-page SEO techniques applied by themI define off-page SEO activity as steps that you perform outside of your blog or website in order to influence SERP directly or indirectly.
After analyzing the data I observed they belonged to two main categories:
  • In one category, there were people skilled and trained in digital marketing and up-selling, while in another category, there were truly passionate bloggers writing for their readers. But they lacked the key off-page marketing skills needed to succeed in online marketing.
  • When it comes to visibility of new articles on the internet, the bloggers with little or no exposure to online marketing lagged far behind the others.
  • In other words, we can say that in one set, there were people who are blessed with marketing knowledge and skills. They understood the importance of reaching out and had built a good online network and in the true sense, they were connected to their audience well before they dived into blogging.
  • The other set of people were very good writers and they believed what Google emphasize producing high-quality content for their readers. They were the believers of bringing quite a lot of high-quality content for their online consumers. This was suited to them as they were excellent in their clarity of thoughts and expressing themselves. They were able to lay out the plot and were good storytellers.
  • But still, they lacked in reach out and hence they were not ranked well while they deserved that. They had the content not fully realizing the value of the content carrier. An off-page SEO technique is, in essence, are techniques to carry content to a wider audience which is not limited to search engines
  • So I decided to pave way for introvert bloggers to have in-roads into the off-page SEO techniques.
  • What are off-page SEO techniques?
Off-page SEO techniques are well designed and crafted methods to reach out to people on the internet with the help of a blog or website. This reach out attempt is not a solitary fixed method but comprises a combination of social media campaign, link building techniques, writing for news channels, guest blogging, PR activities, seminars and many more.
You can chock-out a combination that fits your style and get started. Here are the best 30 proven SEO techniques that have worked wonders to help people reach the #1 position in Google page rank.
  • INFO: Moz SEO research survey indicated that people on average spent 70% time in on-page optimization of content while 30% time in off-page optimization to expand reach. But, spending more time in OFF Page SEO Optimization will produce better results in terms of ranking.
Inbound links to a web page are considered as a vote of confidence by Google. Without inbound links, it would be impossible for search engines to know the trust of people in your content. Content is measured by its popularity and hence attract more share and backlinks

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