How to create a video ad unit in Google Ad Manager


How to create a video ad unit in Google Ad Manager

Outstream video ads: these are independent of content on the site, and actually function more like a traditional display ad, just with video instead of text and images.
Instream video ads: this refers to ads that play before, during or after (pre-, mid- and post-roll) existing video content on your site that plays within a video player.

How to create your video ad unit

Keep in mind that outstream ad units are created without video sizes (as display sizes) and trafficked accordingly.
Step 1: Sign in to Google Ad Manager and go to the ‘Inventory’ section, then click on ‘Ad units’.
Step 2: Click ‘New Ad Unit’, and select the level according to your existing inventory structure. For simple setups, select the ‘Current level’
.Step 3: Scroll down the page to the New Ad Unit section. Enter your ad unit name, and description as you would for a display ad, then enter your sizes. Firstly, decide what size you’d like your video ad to be (for example 640×480, or 400×300 etc). Enter this size in the ‘Video (VAST) sizes’ dropdown (see A).
If you have any companion ad sizes, you can enter these in the appropriate box (see B). Companion ads serve alongside the video ads and are usually a display creative for the same advertiser as in the video ad.If you’re making an instream ad unit, you’ll want to add the 1x1v size to your ad unit.
Step 4: The rest of the ad unit creation process is exactly as it is for a display ad; you can set where the landing page opens, add the unit to any placement you have and click save.
Step 5: The next step is to generate your new ad unit in order to place the code on your webpage, exactly as if you were making a display ad. Click ‘Ad units’ again in the left-hand menu to go back to your ad unit list, and select your newly-created ad unit. Underneath, the ad unit details should appear along with the ‘Generate Tags’ button.
Step 6:  In the Generate Tags box, select the Tag Type: Google Publisher Tag for Video and click continue. ‘Enable for live traffic’ is used if you’re creating ads for live feeds. Leave the Player SDK type as the default and click continue, then select any additional tag parameters you want such as to add key-values. You can also select a maximum and minimum length you want the ad to be if you wish. Make sure you also enter the description URL (this can be the page where the video ad will be shown).

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