increase the 4G speed on your phones

Sometimes the problem with phones is that we do not get good internet .There are many options to increase the speed of internet on our smart phones .A few tricks in here are mentioned here .But these tricks may not work in all smart phones. Secure Net Boosters can also be 
For example, you can look at the application called Net Optimizer and Booster .It is only a DNS server .It can be used to increase the internet speed to some extent .The second way is to go to the settings on our phones and find the option "Auto Start".
Most of the applications that do not need it are given permissions .To turn it all off .This is one of the main reasons for slowing down the Internet .When you type * # * # 4636 # * # * from your phone, a window will open. Options are available
Enter your SIM and select Phone Information .After selecting, another window will open .Then in the Run Pin Test tab, click on the Refresh option below .You can also control your internet speed to some extent.

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